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Your trusted advisor in Sustainability & Digital transformation

What we Do

We are helping companies in their sustainability & digital transformation journeys at their own pace and in a pragmatic way. We provide them with solid advice on how to become CSRD compliant, more data-driven and operate with a sustainable business model powered by near- and offshore software solutions based on the latest technologies.

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We provide Digital & Sustainability programs to make companies resilient and ready for market disruptions.

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CSRD / ESG  Services

The upcoming CSRD EU legislation puts a tremendous pressure on companies. ESG = Data and if you don't have the right tooling in place the administration will be a nightmare. We offer a solution that includes the double materiality assessment and we can set you up in 3-4 months. It digitizes and automates your ESG/ CSRD reporting going forward. Moreover it includes also program management software to keep track of all ESG projects which is super helpful. We partner here with Maistering


Product / Platform Engineering

Product and platform engineering has become increasingly important in today's business environment. In order to meet the demands of the digital consumer, organizations must change the way they deliver their services and products. Our approach is to leverage our proprietary development accelerators and frameworks, combined with agile and DevOps methodologies, throughout the development and testing lifecycle. This enables us to accelerate deployment at optimized costs. We partner here with Espire Infolabs


Data Driven Leadership Program

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about adapting to a data-driven world. We can help you take that next step. In our learning program, we offer a combination of workshops with eLearning paths to help your team learn about the data-driven world at their own pace while collaborating and agreeing on a way forward in a workshop environment.

Please contact us to discuss running an in-company version of this course in your organization. We partner here with the experts of Axveco.


The Generative AI Program

You have come to the right place if you would like to thrive in the rapidly changing world of AI. We can help you with generative AI, including:

  • Prompt Engineering – the new skill you need to be successful

  • ChatGPT, GPT-4, and variants to generate all forms of text including articles, marketing texts, and SEO optimization

  • Creating unique images, videos, and music that make an impact

  • Generating software to implement innovation (including AutoGPT)

We partner here with the experts of Axveco.

Young Businesswomen

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Our Story


"The reporting of non-financial information will become as important in the EU as traditional financial reporting and should be of the same quality level. That is the main goal. CSRD requires companies to collect, process, and publish a huge amount of data and information; this will require new systems, processes, and a governance structure to be put in place."


Financial Retail Services was established in 2006. We have completed projects for small and large companies, such as Credit Agricole and BNP Paribas, helping them with their digital challenges. We are a network organization that believes that with strong selected partners, we can create value for customers with agile, no-nonsense, and affordable solutions for their sustainability & digital transformation challenges. Currently, we have such partnerships with Maistering, Espire Infolabs and Axveco.

Techstars program

I'm excited to be mentor in the @ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator in Amsterdam.

Let's talk

Auke D. Veenstra

Managing Partner Financial Retail Services

M: +31 6 2034 3034

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